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Phrasal verbs

Learning English, you have probably met the term ‘phrasal verb’. No matter if it’s your first time you’ve seen them or not, now you have a great opportunity to become familiar with this important and fascinating part of English language.

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International Phonetic Alphabet

Pronunciation is one of the most important aspects of every language which is simultaneously one of the most neglected issues. Most of the teachers focus on grammar, vocabulary, reading, etc.; pronunciation is left at the very end. I always thought that the way in which I pronounce English words is acceptable; I was satisfied with it. However, during my studies I could see that my pronunciation isn’t so good. I noticed that many words consist of completely different sounds than I thought before. I got to know that changing the sounds of the words I can change their meaning. It’s terrible, isn’t it? Continue reading “International Phonetic Alphabet”

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Welcome, everybody!

Hello! Welcome to my blog devoted to English language and culture. I’m Ania, I’m Polish and I study English teaching.

Why blog? I always wanted to write my own blog about my passion which is English language. It is a kind of my personal diary where I place my ideas, thoughts, notes and observations; everything I learnt or found in books or on the Internet and may be useful, interesting and helpful. Here I can order and write down my ideas; you can take advantage of my knowledge and work. There’s nothing like sharing passion so please feel free to read posts, use materials, comment and ask questions. I’m also a learner therefore if you find some mistakes, please be understanding and inform me of it – you live and learn 🙂

“You’re Polish. Why do you write in English?”. I was pondering whether I should write in Polish or English. I know that it would be easier for Polish learners of English; however, they (especially beginners) should be exposed to the target language in order to derive as much knowledge as they can. What is more, not only Polish but also learners form other countries can gain their skills using materials in English. Let’s share our knowledge!

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The power of synonyms

It is obvious that every more or less industrious learner of English language would like to enrich their vocabulary. They don’t express themselves sufficiently using words like ‘nice’, ‘good’, ‘bad’ or ‘happy’. These words are not wrong but their meaning is too general. If you want to broaden your knowledge and learn new words in a pleasant way, try some tricks. In this series you’ll find clues which can help you to develop your vocab base. Continue reading “The power of synonyms”