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Mind maps

If you’re a visualiser (= a person whose mental imagery is prevailingly visual; from: Merriam-Webster Dictionary), this method will certainly help you to remember words and whole groups of words effortlessly.

A mind map is a kind of diagram that helps to organize data in a clearly visible way. It doesn’t contain any redundant information and this is the trick. You can write words in blocks or circles (or whatever you want), coulor and label them. You can organize your vocabulary at your discretion.

You can easily make a mind map yourself: on a sheet of paper, in Word or in Windows Paint. This is an example of a mind map made in Windows Paint:


Here you can find apps and websites providing free mind maps:

Try to use this method and see if it works 🙂



A language enthusiast, a teacher, a learner and a student of English and French teaching at the University of Warsaw.

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