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Pleasure in language learning

If you are searching for something that can renew your energy and enthusiasm for learning, I have good news – there is such a thing 🙂

Imagine that you start learning a foreign language (or you have already done it). You do your best and your knowledge is developing quickly. Your vocabulary and grammar are becoming more and more advanced. However, after some time… you see no progress. The development of your language skills has stopped. Your energy disappeared. And actually your knowledge regresses because you do not revise everything you learnt.

You sit down and start thinking. Why did your enthusiasm vanish? When did you make a mistake? Did you make some mistake at all?

Language learning is not a piece of cake. But who said that it can’t be pleasant? Yes, pleasure – this is the magic key!

Open your coursebook and glance through the pages. ‘People and relationships’, ‘Nature’, ‘Art and media’ and ‘Technology’… Do these titles sound familiarly? In a typical coursebook there is EVERYTHING! What does it mean? You are not interested in everything, are you? Of course, you have to know basic vocabulary from many areas; it’s undeniable. But having learnt them, in order to keep on learning enthusiastically you must use the secret weapon called pleasure. Yes, learning itself can be a source of pleasure. I also mean the topics which you’re fond of. If you like nature, animals and plants, why are you swotting up the list of words concerning politics for God’s sake?

I do not encourage you to boycott language courses and books. If you have to get to know some new words or grammar rules, do it; you have no choice. I just encourage you to find pleasure and value in every thing you are learning during lessons and on your own. I would like you to explore those areas of a language which give you pleasure, which are your passion and which you are interested in. You’ll see how fast your progress is thanks to learning with pleasure. Do you like metal music? Read articles about your favourite bands and learn by heart the lyrics of their songs. Are you a designer? Read blogs and magazines devoted to architecture. Make notes, watch, read, listen, write and do everything to develop not only your language skills but also your knowledge in general! All in one 🙂



A language enthusiast, a teacher, a learner and a student of English and French teaching at the University of Warsaw.

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