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Listen & understand

In this post I would like to describe a website that will certainly help you to improve your listening comprehension skills. 

If you watch films or listen to the radio, you don’t have any prepared tests, which would help you to check if you understood the content. If you watch or listen just for pleasure and you do not focus on every word, that’s perfect. However, if you want to listen actively and test yourself, you need some kind of test and exercises.

Breaking News English is the website that contains countless listening exercises. A wide range of topics allows everybody to find a suitable and gripping exercise. Moreover, every listening is available at 7 levels of difficulty (texts are longer and more complicated; vocabulary is advanced) and you can choose among a few speeds of reading – from the slowest to the fastest. Each recording has a pdf file with a transcript and many exercises like matching the beginnings of sentences to their endings, filling the gaps or dictation.

Although the recordings are prepared for learners, they are very natural and contain many useful phrases. If you really work on the exercises and listen carefully, you may be sure that your listening skills and vocabulary will improve. IIn my opinion, this is one of the best websites with listening exercises.

Check it and see if it works 🙂



A language enthusiast, a teacher, a learner and a student of English and French teaching at the University of Warsaw.

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