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For visual learners colours, shapes, drawings and pictures play the main role in their style of learning. Thanks to them visualisers memorise vocabulary that they are learning in compliance with a channel through which they learn the best – their sight. Even if you’re not a visualiser, you can use these media and methods to better organise your work and make it more aesthetic. Today we will take a closer look at the power of colours.

Let’s say that we have a group of random words and we’d like to learn them. We can choose among various methods, but today we’ve decided to use colours. This is our list of words to memorise:

  • aggressive
  • active
  • angelic
  • apathetic
  • soulless
  • generous
  • warm-hearted
  • frank

It’s very short but this is just an example. Read these words aloud a few times and try to imagine a colour which springs to your mind together with this word. Some people have a natural ability to associate colours with words; they can see them easily. Maybe you have this kind of skill too 😉

These are my associations:

  • aggressive – bright red; the colour of blood, rage and fury
  • active – bright green; healthy lifestyle and food
  • angelic – sky blue; like an angel in the sky; clouds
  • apathetic – grey; like cold steel; without feelings
  • soulless – black; an evil soul without respect
  • generous – yellow; like coins that a generous person may give
  • warm-hearted – a neutral soft red; calm and warm
  • frank – pale violet; someone has nothing to hide

Remember that your associations and colours may be completely different than mine. As you can see it is possible to easily “dye” your vocabulary, to make it more visible and clear. Notice that you can colour not only single words but also whole groups of words divided into categories. Try to experiment with various combinations and possibilities. Add some colour to your life and learning! 🙂



A language enthusiast, a teacher, a learner and a student of English and French teaching at the University of Warsaw.

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